Principle Of Now

” Principle of now. During deep meditation, sometimes the meditator may experience a state of consciousness that is called Now, where the past, present and future are experienced as One or Now.

To understand this concept, it must be specified that the experience of Now is not static but dynamic. The present is constantly becoming the past and the immediate future is constantly becoming the present. And the distant future is dynamic.”


Lord Buddha and the Great Spiritual Teachers have repeatedly taught their students to practice discernment or intelligent evaluation.

A student must practice discernment.

Do not believe a statement to be true just because “someone said so”. Do not believe something to be true because “someone ” claims information has been received through “inner transmission ” ( from ‘The Existence of God is Self-Evident’ MCKS)

Cut & Release is one of the easiest and simplest but powerful techniques taught by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Cut & Release is best understood when you understand that we are all energy beings, and that every thought, word, or action is also energy. When we do any of these 3 things, especially when felt or expressed with a strong emotion, we create an energy link to the thought, memory, emotion in our aura  connected to the person.

As a healer we tend to create an energy cord toward our patients, especially when we work on a family member or a close friend. And vice versa, the patient can also create cords toward the healer, especially if there is emotional attachment to the healer and/or the outcome. That is why the healer must cut & release all cords connecting to the patient to help the general healing process.

The way you cut & release is by imagining the side of your palm as a sharp knife and you cut through the cord or link and then push away from body.

What is soooo amazing about the cut & release technique is that we can let go of any negative thought, emotion or situation that has been bothering us. Every day we create thousands of thoughts, 90% or more of those thoughts are negative.  When we repeatedly think of these negative events, we energize these ‘unbeneficial’ cords we have unconsciously created towards ourselves or others and these cords become bigger and thicker in our aura. As we become aware of these thoughts we  can use the cut & release technique to stop energizing unwanted thoughts, eventually starving them.

Ways you can take advantage of this cut & release technique .

You can use cut & release after an uncomfortable conversation, after a meeting to remove any cords with attendees, boss, co-workers, family (even if is it virtual or over the phone). You can use cut & release after work to leave unwanted energy behind, after a fight with partner or anyone else, after a stressful drive, before walking into your home. You can even cut & release from an unpleasant situation that you witnessed.

You can sometimes feel an immediate relief after doing cut & release. Coming from a calmer, more centred place, you will find a different perspective, acceptance or understanding of the situation, event or person, making it easier to find a solution.

(written by Paola, in the process of Associate Certified Pranic Healer)