Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Crystal Healing (Excerpt)

From : The book  ‘Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Crystal Healing’ by Master Choa Kok Sui

 Introduction (Excerpt)

“This book embodies the pure essence of the science and art of Pranic Crystal Healing.

Ideas or beliefs that are doubtful or superstitious have been removed completely.

The concepts, principles and techniques are based on validated esoteric facts which are explained in a clear and simple manner.

It is assumed that the reader is already knowledgeable and, to a certain extent, proficient in at least elementary Pranic Healing. Knowledge and proficiency in intermediate Pranic Healing (Level 2) and Pranic Psychotherapy (Level 3) will be advantageous.


A crystal is just a tool for healing. It’s effectiveness depends on the skill of the Pranic Healer just as a surgical knife is only a tool whose effectiveness depends on the skill of the surgeon. ..”

For course description

The art and science of scanning taught by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui is unique.

If you have learned to scan, consider yourself very, very lucky. Personally I couldn’t feel energy when I started scanning but I heard my instructor say that I need to stop doubting myself. I held on to those words and like magic, I started scanning better.  The 2nd thing that she said was that I need to practice as much as I can and that I can scan just about anything I want. So I did, I scanned anything, from apples to bread, to plants, to my emotions etc. The 3rd thing I heard and held on to was that there is so much more information found in scanning that we can understand at first. I am still experimenting and gathering the experiences, to have a better understanding of what those words means and what other information I find when scanning.

Scanning has helped me in more ways than one. When I started Pranic Healing, I was going through life changing events and in one class we scanned for emotions that I know exists but I didn’t think applied to me. One of those emotions was grief. After my partner scanned me for grief, it seemed like I was holding on to a lot of grief but “no one close to me has died“, I thought.  I remember I continued thinking about this long after the class and I realized that what I had been feeling and bothering me for a while was ‘grief’. For the 1st time I had understood grief from a different angle, from a different level of truth. With this understanding I was able to deal with my emotions in a way I hadn’t done before.

Over time, I had so many aha moments, many breakthroughs, and I started to understand what my instructor had said “there is more information that can be found in scanning”. This was exciting because it was new and because I knew that it would never get old. I would always be learning new things as I continue to practice scanning.

To learn to understand Energy is like opening a magical world with no end. Always full of new information and clarification.

Scanning is like a magic wand to explore and learn. As a Pranic Healer, as we practice our scanning consistently, it can open doors to greater understanding.

(written by Paola, an enthusiastic student of MCKS Pranic Healing)

The first technique of scanning students learn in the Basic Pranic Healing course