Spiritual Business Management

Spiritual Business management 2Prerequisite – LEVEL 1
$500 + tax

Course Outline

This innovative, practical and well structured workshop – one of the latest courses put together by Master Choa Kok Sui – uses a revolutionary approach for the success and financial prosperity of your business, based on ancient spiritual and esoteric principles made relevant for the modern world.

Through understanding and the right uses of energy and spiritual laws, you will learn how to realize plans, projects, a positive organizational environment, increased employees’ well being, productivity and cooperation/harmony.

This course is not just about business or for people in business, but also for anyone who is interested in ‘life management’ – gaining deeper understanding of the challenges put before us and what to do about it.

You will learn about:

  • The practical knowledge of the Seven Rays
  • How to handle stress in work place
  • Spiritual empowerment resulting in dynamic strength, confidence and clarity of goals
  • Sharp and clear mind through special meditation
  • Clarity and understanding of Time Management

And much, much more…


Pranic Feng Shui

Prerequisite – Advanced Pranic Healing (LEVEL 2)
$500 + tax

Course Outline

The foundation of the science of placement or Feng Shui.

Master Choa Kok Sui through direct knowledge given to him by His Respected Teacher Mahaguruji MeiLing revealed the secrets of Feng Shui never before divulged to the general public on how to optimize your life and profession -health,success, prosperity and spirituality.

A distillation of the World’s Secret Feng Shui Traditions and hidden teachings from Esoteric Feng Shui schools

  • Secret Directional Feng Shui: learn and find out for yourself the various directions affect your finances, success, relationship, business, health etc.
  • How to choose art and paintings for your home or office to enhance harmony, success, cooperation etc.
  • The Power of Thought
  • Accelerate your spiritual development and activate the higher chakras by meditating using the right direction
  • Find out how to optimize your success during negotiation and interview
  • Many practical and inexpensive techniques to improve the energies of your home and office

And much more…


KRIYASHAKTI: The Science and Art of Materialization

Click here for Wesak 2018 Celebration details

Prerequisite -
Pranic Psychotherapy

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TBDTBD9:00am - 6:00pmMaster Nona Castro

Material abundance gives you freedom to pursue spiritual goals. Kriyashakti teaches you how to properly harness the power of your thoughts, subtle energies and your auric field to create a life of prosperity and success both materially as well as spiritually.

– Master Choa Kok Sui –

“Kriyashakti is manifesting your Objective through Thought Power, but it also depends on other factors”

“The condition of your chakras affect your prosperity… When you change the Inner World, you change the physical world.”

Course Outline

The Science of Creating Abundance

Understanding the universal laws underlying the materilization of your goals and petitions – or the lack of it – this course covers specific techniques to create abundance and materialize prosperity, relationships; and to concretize short and long term goals effectively – to understand obstacles and how to heal your life.

Material abundance gives you freedom to pursue spiritual goals.
Kriyashakti teaches you how to properly harness the power of your thoughts, subtle energies and your auric field to create a life of prosperity and success both materially as well as spiritually.

  • Learn to disintegrate self-sabotaging thought forms, prosperity guilt and poverty consciousness located in specific areas of your aura
  • Practice a special “Concretizing Meditation” to quickly and systematically precipitate a thought or idea into physical form
  • Use the power of your thought to achieve your goals
  • Cleanse your aura and your chakras from negative thoughts and programming about money
  • Use the Prosperity Meditation to bring prosperity and abundance to your life
  • Use the proper hand gestures or mudras for prosperity
  • Understand the science of Tithing and Entitlement and how it is connected to your success
  • Create powerful Thought Forms using several easy to practice techniques

You will learn thoughout the course many Powerful Principles, practical and “Hands On” Techniques

Course Prerequisite: Pranic Psychotherapy

Wesak 2018 Celebration

Sunday April 29th 7:45pm to approximately 10pm (following Kriyashakti class)

Join us in service.
Wesak refers to the full moon of Taurus, believed to be the most powerful full moon of the year. This festival happens every year when the Lord Buddha and the Great Masters channel Divine Blessings to the whole world.

Wesak is therefore a time of dedication and service, to bring ourselves closer to the light and above all, to focus on the needs of our fellow human beings and the necessity of providing a group to channel the spiritual forces and blessings to the humanity and to the world.

Pranic Healers are welcome to attend even if not attending Kriyashakti. Friends and family with meditation experience welcome.

Held on donation.

RSVP required – please email info@pranichealingontario.ca

Preparing for Wesak: click here

“The spiritual energy generated during a group Wesak meditation, under the guidance of a Spiritual Teacher, is equal to a whole year of meditation practice.” – GMCKS

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

This course teaches how to achieve calmness, understanding, efficiency and success in all facets of everyday life through a greater soul connection.

There are different stages or levels of Soul Realization:
First stage, the intellectual understanding that you are the soul –a spiritual being of divine intelligence, love and power – your body, emotions and mind are instruments of the soul
(“just as a computer is your instrument”)
Second stage, experiencing oneself as a soul during meditation
With further development, an experiential realization of the nature of the soul – a being of light travelling in all directions throughout the physical and inner universe.


An ancient technique towards spiritual development  kept secret through the centuries and for the first time revealed. 

Safely made available to the public by Master Choa Kok Sui

Course Outline

An ancient technique towards spiritual development kept secret through the centuries and for the first time revealed and safely made available to the public by Master Choa Kok Sui

To safely accelerate the union of the Higher Soul with the incarnated soul, also known as Enlightenment or Soul Realization
Experience inner peace and a deeper awareness; releasing emotional baggage and heal relationships
Discover the nature of the soul as it travels through incarnations
Learn how a soul chooses its parents, the place of birth, etc..
Learn about the 3 seeds and how they effect our physical/emotional/mental lives
Find out about the Blue Pearl and its exact location
The location of the 12th Chakra
The meaning of the sacred symbol of the caduceus
The beautiful and powerful Meditation on the Blue Pearl

Note: this is a pre-Arhatic course

Prerequisite – Basic Pranic Healing

$350 + 13% tax

(Repeat $135 incl.tax)

Prerequisite -
Basic Course
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MISSISSAUGAOctober 26/2710am-5pmAntjie Halim

ARHATIC YOGA: The Yoga of Synthesis

Arhatic Yoga 1Prerequisite – LEVEL 3
Fee – $700 + tax

Course Outline

The spiritual practice that is the foundation of Pranic Healing
It is a path of the Intellect, of Will and of Love. It has its origins in China, India and Tibet
It develops intuition, advanced mental powers, refined emotions and longevity – safely.
“ARHATIC” is derived from the word “arhat”, a highly evolved being.

This advanced yoga system is the synthesis of all yogas (Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Laya/Kundalini yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Mantra yoga and Hatha yoga) and was given by Mahaguruji Mei Ling to GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.

Some of what you will learn:

Arhatic Yoga Energy Curculation
This special powerful meditation moves the Soul Energy safely through a series of energy channels in a sequence not taught before to the public

  • This helps extract the “ancient seeds”, pent-up emotions and negative crystallized thought patterns as it purifies the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies
  • Opening the pathways safely to allow the Kundalini energy to flow and to nourish and activate the chakras
  • Disintegrating crippling negative emotions allowing the Soul to control the astral & mental bodies
  • The foundation for building the “Golden Body”
  • Increase of charisma, healing powers and other qualities
  • Manifest the greatness within you to become a conscious steward of this earth, as your chakras and aura increase in size and power
  • Learn how to recognize the various “Kundalini Syndrome” symptoms and their remedies

Be part of a global group where you can experience fellowship, be nurtured in a spiritual environment with regular meetings, updates and weekend retreats.
You have the opportunity to undertake higher Arhatic initiations as your bodies is ready to receive higher spiritual currents.


Spiritual Essence of Man

Spiritual-essance-of-man-(2)Prerequisite: Basic Pranic Healing

Course Outline

A unique and powerful workshop to experience/understand the Divine Essence within the chakras and energy bodies

Learn the deeper knowledge and practices once divulged only to inner disciples of the Ancient Mystery Schools

  • Applied Spiritual Technology to live a blessed life
  • Never before publicly revealed correspondences of the Spiritual Anatomy (chakras and auras) in the traditions of Taoism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Sanskrit, Acupuncture and Egyptian Mystery Schools
  • Learn Krishna’s Teachings on the Inverted Tree of Life and the Upanishad’s Tree of Eternity
  • Secrets of the “Triple Cross” – how it can activate the chakras and energize the subtle bodies
  • Use of the Keter Sephira for Spiritual Healings
  • Direct correspondence of the Lord’s Prayer in the Kabbalistic and Egyptian Tree of Life
  • The “I AM” Meditation practised in a very sacred way
  • Discover your Buddha Nature & Spiritual Fetus and Experience the Divine Essence within you

Higher Clairvoyance

higher-clairvoyancePrerequisite – Arhatic Yoga Level 1-2

Course Outline

Everyone has the ability to “see” clairvoyantly and Master Choa’s techniques are incredibly simple and easy to use. This “hands-on” workshop reveals the hidden principles and ancient secrets to develop the “Higher Eyes” or what has been referred to as “Heaven Eyes” or “Buddha Eyes” in Eastern Literature. By utilizing these more sensitive “cameras”, you will quickly and safely perceive the aura, chakras and other subtle energies. Learn these simple and easy to follow techniques, then take home these special exercises to continually hone your clairvoyant skills!

Some of what you will learn:

  • You will “model” the chakra patterns of High Level Clairvoyants to help you see quickly!
  • Learn simple and effective techniques to gently control the opening and closing of the chakra protective web that allows one to SAFELY see the inner worlds
  • Practice putting yourself in the optimum emotional and mental state to receive energetic images and heighten intuition. The whole class will then practice all the techniques exhaustively!
  • Take home special exercises to practice continually develop & enhance your clairvoyant faculties
  • Learn step by step techniques to observe: the Inner Aura, Health Rays, Outer Aura, and Chakras of your partner

and much more…