Pranic Psychotherapy – July 29/30, 2019 (Mississauga)

Learn techniques to heal compulsions/obsessions, addictions, depression/suicidal tendencies, phobias, trauma, irritability, violent/paranoid behaviour, and hallucinations and other psychological issues. Gain greater understanding of the inner world and how it affects and influences us. Prerequisite: LEVEL 2 (Advanced Pranic Healing)


Kriyashakti: The Science and Art of Materialization – April 28/29, 2018 (Niagara Falls)

Understanding the universal laws underlying the materilization of your goals and petitions – or the lack of it – this course covers specific techniques to create abundance and materialize prosperity, relationships; and to concretize short and long term goals effectively – to understand obstacles and how to heal your life. Pre-requisite: LEVEL 3 (Pranic Psychotherapy)